Monday, July 20, 2009

whats so hard about re-vamping healthcare in a fair manner?

I am sure, apart from Mr Brightsmile fascist agenda and admiitted desire to change the USA, there are lobbyists putting their own agendas forward on how this health care reform issue. Whatever Obama wants to call it, its still the same agenda.

We have healthcare.. you can go into any emergency room and get care, what we do not have is insurance for all that is affordable. We have millions of un insured not just because companies do not often offer it, but because they just dont want to be insured. We also have people who are eligable for medicare and medicaide who cant be bothered to apply and we have people who just come into emergency rooms for care because they dont know where else to go, or they are from another country and here illegally.

Medicare and Medicaide need to be fixed. If they got everyone covered one way or another, either with mandatory medicare or medicaide if they qualify, or incentives for business to offer insurance, AND quit giving care to people who are not entitled...ok, humanitarians, I know.. well what about this.. would you agree to a small tax to be put into a trust fund to cover the cost? What about donations from the drug and insurance companies? My point is, if we got all these things taken care of, might it get the rest of it fixed by freeing up money to do it?
Just a thought..
Flawed? yep I suppose so.. but whats the alternative right now?

The Bird

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