Saturday, July 18, 2009

News From The Rose Household.

That yellow thing in the sky has been out, at least that lifts our spirits for a while, eh? Although its way hotter than it needs to be down in the south west.

There was a hornets nest under the deck, we only found out because Rev got stung the other day, so he went in with this foamy spray and killed it. At least we think they are all dead.

Becca comes back from IL wed, she starts her part time job this week! Good... now she will stop asking me to buy stuff we dont need. I honestly dont think that this recession has hit home with the shopaholic teens like my youngster.


we had one the other night. Its been so long since I had a good curry, in fact, I was living in England. I forgot that Madras is hot enough to keep a Louisiana hubby happy, my mouth was on fire but not enough I couldnt taste the other delicious flavors.

Food in general is the center of our attention tonight as Saturday night we always buy a bottle of wine and a nice steak. Its cheaper than going out and we can collapse on the sofa and watch a movie afterwards and get toasted if we want to!
Do something nice for yourselves, take some time to sit down with the family and have a good time.

love you guys...
The Bird.

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USA_Admiral said...

Sounds like a great plan to me.