Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Hipocritic" Oath?

Now, I know just how hard it is to shift a few pounds. It is a hard slog! I get upset sometimes because I cannot eat heaping great plates of lovely, juicy ribs, hamburgers, french fries, apple pie etc, etc, but there it is. I would not tell everyone else not to eat these things, ( re Wyatt's thread, sorry tyra you are a being unreasonable, get a back bone and just say no, woman!)

We all know that eating, smoking and drinking can lead to health problems and there are significant studies that show these facts to be true. However, once again, if the Nazi Party.. oh sorry, I meant to say, Government has its way, we will be taxed HEAVILY or DENIED these things because they jack up the cost and the lines waiting to be seen by a Doctor. Word. Right?

Dr. Regina Benjamin, who is Obama's choice for Surgeon General is rather on the shall we say, Portly side, and looks like she has never turned down a meal in her life.

While I can sympathize that she has been through a lot with the death of her family members from what can only be described as poor health choices, you would think she would take care of herself a little more.

what caught my eye was, the SG serves as America's chief health care educator! Say what?

OH.. another Do as I say! Not do as I do!

bugger that!

NOTE to Obama:

Someone hadnt had his wheaties that morning when he decided to give the job to Ms Benjamin, did he!? and quit somking Mr Obama!

I dont need to see the bottom half of this pic to know its a recent pic and know what I would see.

Too much Chunky Monkey?
Ms Benjamin
runs the risk of developing obesity related health issues. I am aware of all the good she has done in Louisiana with her primary care practice but now she is on center stage and if you advise on the well being of the American people make sure you are a good example first on how you eat, drink and work out, before you go pointing fingers at us all.

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