Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Difference Between Patriotism and Terrorism

One of my aquantances emailed me to inform me the video entitled The Peoples Stimulus Package could be construde under the Patriot Act as Terrorism!
Since when was it terrorism to demand of ones Congress and elected officials state-wide for that matter, that they work for the people and listen to them when they say, "we do not want this!"
wiki says, Patriotism means the love and devotion of and too ones country. It does not mean that a patriot has to agree with everything its country does, but should strive to make it a better place and promote anaylitical questioning.. humm.. really?
I seem to hear a lot of shouting down going on by the Dems/libs, and no media coverage of apposing opinions.
Are we going towards tighter controls on anything anti whatever Obama wishes? Already there are news black outs on demonstrations, the big one in Chicago. See pics I posted below.
Then I looked at the definition of terrorism.. The systimatic use of terror as a means of coercion and acts designed to create fear.
Now I dont know about you, but theres a distinct difference there.
Then I had a look a the patriot act.
It does say that it has been critisized for weakening civil liberties.
If our country is destined under Obamas idea of change to become another Soviet Union we very well may see an end to demonstrations of any kind even if they are peaceful.


USA_Admiral said...

Under the Obama plan everything could be terrorism.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Admiral

The British Bird. said...

Jim demint(sp?) and god bless him for having bollocks and standing up for us, we have to call our congressmen and women and demand they not pass the HR bill or the Tax and Trade bill. If we do NOTHING, it will go through.