Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Here is the link to contact your Congress person..

If you havent already, here is your chance. WE MUST ALL stand up with one voice and tell them NO to Cap and Trade, No to any more stimulus and NO to Obama's idea of Health Care Reform. My letter was sent today.

This is useful. You can have all the votes by your state reps sent to you via email as and when they vote

I hit everyone, every bloody Dem that controls NH and told them they are OUT if they vote for any of this crap, even the Republican that was listed wether he has any clout now or not.

Thank you.


USA_Admiral said...

I have this bookmarked and use it about ever other dat.

USA_Admiral said...

err. That should have been "day."

The British Bird. said...

I had a generic letter back from the D congressman:
Thank you for e-mailing my office today. As your Congressman, I strive to maintain a strong relationship with my district and my constituents. Your issue is important to me and I will work to respond to your specific request in a timely fashion. My staff and I have helped constituents across all of New Hampshire in their dealings with the Veterans Administration, the Social Security Administration, the Passport Office, the United States Center on Immigration Services and other federal agencies. My district offices in New Hampshire are here to help you with these concerns. I encourage you to call my district offices at the following telephone numbers: (603) 223-9814 (Concord), (603) 579-6913 (Nashua), (603) 358-1023 (Keene), (603) 752-4680 (Berlin) and (603) 444-7705 (Littleton). If you are planning on visiting Washington, D.C. and would like to set up a tour, please feel free to set them up through my D.C. office by calling (202) 225-5206. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact my office at (202) 225-5206. You can also and sign up to receive occasional e-mail updates from me at Sincerely, Paul W. HodesMember of Congress

The British Bird. said...

I basically told him NO to the issues at hand that Obama is trying to push through, and that I would make sure he did not get voted in, in any way I possibly can if he votes yea to any of it.