Saturday, July 18, 2009

Government Run Healthcare?-How Will Life Change?

WE have to fight this! Somewhere along the line someone is going to benefit from government run healthcare being shoved forward and down our throats! I bet it is some entity that has contributed heavily to the Obama campaign coffers but I havent found out what or who, yet.
Why else would he have a hair up his ass about pushing it through so fast?

Anyway, despite the hurry of our asshole in chief and his threats if it isnt pushed through lets discuss how other things we hold dear will change. Like FOOD.

I love food. I cant eat gargantuan portions but I would like to have the right to eat how much of whatever I want to eat. Gone will be restuarants that cater to the huge appetite of all the lovely food like Ribs, steaks, etc.
Have you guys seen the show Man VS Food? google it and check it out. He show cases some great eaterys. I think we will not be allowed to eat anything that is deemed bad for our health and that will therefore put a big strain on the governement run healthcare system. If we do, we will be denied service... dont believe me? Just wait and see.

The bird.

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Anonymous said...

We need to keep upi the good fight.this monster must be defeated.