Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Glory Be!

My eldest is home, she has a bit of a cold but is otherwise glad to be back. Her time with her Dad was ok but he hasnt changed. She has also announced her plans to join the US Air Force and will start the ROTC her senior year. All she knows is, she wants to be in the Medical area and she wants to be an officer. The worlds her oyster really, we (Mr Bird and I)are very proud of her decision.

She also got her driving licence, after he dad said she would fail, whats the point? nice huh.. I could smash him in the gob for that.

Hang in there you guys. love you..
The bird


USA_Admiral said...

Those are some great plans.

I am happy for you all.

I figured she would want to be a Coastie.

The British Bird. said...

UA.. I tried to talk her into it ages ago, but no. Thankfully her asperations are not amounting to marrying the BF and sitting around smoking weed. The BF is well and truely not happy about her career choice, and if that young man isnt careful hes going to see another side of who he refers to as "Becca's cool mom".

Hammer said...

Congrats to your eldest.

Sounds like a good plan.