Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Got GRADES!!!!

My GPA is 3.5 I have three A's one C so far.. let me tell you about the C.

The class I got a C in was because the teacher said my grammar was not correct. In fact, the class I got one of my A's in was Grammar and English. This teacher would post in-complete sentences, run ons, spelling mistakes and she said my grammar was bad? I complained to the councellor about the fact that she didnt seem to know what she was doing. Wether she got wind of this I do not know but I got a C.

I have tried to have the grade changed but to no avail. Suppose thats life...

Life is good a chez Rose.

I sent him this, to make him get down here faster!
Alas, he is still on USCG time frame until end of June anway..

Mr Bird comes down for a weeks leave on the 23rd!! I am still job hunting, college course is going well. House is behaving itself.  we have a new addition to our family. The furry sort. Cuda is three months old now, is half Catahoula Cur, half Great Pyranees. He keeps my sanity, and is great company.