Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Project ARK underway..

Im going to float. So much rain, coldest June since the 30's. We had a nice Fourth, Fifth, Sixth of July, now its raining again. Summer is usually over by the time the kids go back to school.

Global warming my @#$#! The only positives of this aweful weather is, the lake is mercifully quiet and we are not using our AC.

News of note: Palin resigning.. can you say, "Screw you, GOP!" she was treated like crap, I dont blame her for leaving the Reps flounding for a viable saviour for 2012. Face it, Obama's personal ratings are still high, people still LIKE him. I have no idea how or why but it is what it is.

If she quit for the sake of the family being dragged into the mud, and all the crap she has been getting, I can understand that. If shes doing the book/talk circuit to pay her horrendous legal bills, I can see that as well....I question wether abandoning her post and the Alaskans was a smart idea. Running for President is just going to have her critics back at her and her families throats again.

Hope you are all well,

the bird.

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USA_Admiral said...

We have had more than our share here too.

I think Sarah Palin is smarter than they are.

Have a great week.