Thursday, January 5, 2012

I realized it had been some time since I posted, and thought I had better pop in. Things are going fine, still working, unfortuneately hubby has been laid off, and is looking for work, but we survive.. just.

Lost my first dog, have a second who is a year old, and now a puppy joined us, who is gorgeous, a bit of a heinz and three cats. we are done.  The elections have me perplexed.. I dont really fancy any of the hopefuls, if I had to choose Santorum has my eye, but I dont think he has the money to continue. Gingrich Santorum would be a dream ticket. Missed you guys...x

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A perplexing moment..

So, this morning, not much going on in town I go down to the local CVS to get some essential beauty items.  Im the only one in there other than the clerk who is stocking shelves and one other dude who I hear wandering around an aisle over, next thing I know he appears in my aisle and invades my space, wanting to know in what my name is. I tell him to piss of im not telling him and go off to find the clerk.. I complained and by the time the clerk had put his stock down the dude had left. The clerk appologized but it made me realise just how bad that could have been. I am now investing in some kind of mace. Any ideas what sort? because I would have maced his sorry arse right there and then.


I realized today, how long it had been since I posted anything, forgot the password even.
Things are good here in sunny FL, both working good jobs, thank the lord. No dog now, but three cats!

Kids are great! Both in IL with their Dad and doing well.

How are you all???

x The Bird.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Obama is an anticolonialist.

Great forbes article here:

D' Souza' book  is going to be added to my collection here ASAP.

Glenn Beck also did two shows on this earlier this week.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Glad to see you are all keeping up appearances!

Cuda is now 60 pounds of pup, still growing at 7 months old. what a lardass!
we have two kitties:



The bird recieving her graduation certificate from CNA school! State exam is the end of Oct.

Other news:
I am now working for Marshall Health and Rehab, Director of Sales and Marketing. Eventually my goal is to be an RN but I will probably stay in the Administrative/management area. I love Geriatrics!

sorry I have been so long in posting anything its been manic!
love you all...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Got GRADES!!!!

My GPA is 3.5 I have three A's one C so far.. let me tell you about the C.

The class I got a C in was because the teacher said my grammar was not correct. In fact, the class I got one of my A's in was Grammar and English. This teacher would post in-complete sentences, run ons, spelling mistakes and she said my grammar was bad? I complained to the councellor about the fact that she didnt seem to know what she was doing. Wether she got wind of this I do not know but I got a C.

I have tried to have the grade changed but to no avail. Suppose thats life...

Life is good a chez Rose.

I sent him this, to make him get down here faster!
Alas, he is still on USCG time frame until end of June anway..

Mr Bird comes down for a weeks leave on the 23rd!! I am still job hunting, college course is going well. House is behaving itself.  we have a new addition to our family. The furry sort. Cuda is three months old now, is half Catahoula Cur, half Great Pyranees. He keeps my sanity, and is great company.