Thursday, September 30, 2010

Glad to see you are all keeping up appearances!

Cuda is now 60 pounds of pup, still growing at 7 months old. what a lardass!
we have two kitties:



The bird recieving her graduation certificate from CNA school! State exam is the end of Oct.

Other news:
I am now working for Marshall Health and Rehab, Director of Sales and Marketing. Eventually my goal is to be an RN but I will probably stay in the Administrative/management area. I love Geriatrics!

sorry I have been so long in posting anything its been manic!
love you all...

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USA_Admiral said...

Wow Cuda got big.

Nice little cats.

Graduation and a job in a new field of endeavor. Best of luck on the exam!

If anyone has reasons for not posting it would be you and how you spent your time.