Friday, December 11, 2009

technical difficulties..

Apparently some of you, Doug, Admiral at least are not able to reply to my posts I have gone through my blog like a knife getting rid of widgets and also updated my template.. hopefully this will help..

thats all for now..

The Bird.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

News from chez Rose..

Our house closes on the 15th all being well and the underwriters decide we have jumped through enough hoops.. the house will be ours.

there is no flooring in the family room shown here, we get to put flagstone down or something similary the rest of the house is all wood floors, even in the four bedrooms.
I love it!!!

I have decided also to get my Asscociates degree, it will be in Health Care Admin and medical billing. This will then enable me to get a good job as apposed to just a mediocre job.

Now onto something that is really, really bothering me...

I may be wrong, I hope to God I am, but here it is.

Massechussettes just had a big election to find someone to replace Ted.

Was Coakley the best candidate for the job or did her face fit with the union SEIU?
lets examine her a little bit more.

SEIU launches $214K radio buy for Coakley

By Aaron Blake - 12/03/09 12:12 PM ET
 "SEIU Makes $200000 Radio Ad Buy for Coakley -; SEIU's Pay-to-Play Politics"
so.. shes in, was she the best candidate? Probably not. It doesnt matter who the people of Massechusetts wanted in, its who the Unions wanted in that mattered.
Most conservatives are bolstered by the thought of being able to vote out who we do not want in power come the next Congressional elections next year and ultimately the Presidential elections in 2012.
The thing is, I have a very bad feeling our votes and opinions on who WE want in power will not matter.