Monday, August 31, 2009

Forced Vaccinations, Quarrantines Camps, Health Care Interrogations and Mandatory De-contaminations.. Massachussettes leads the way.

Here comes the crisis, that is always too good to waste. Watch Glenn Beck tomorrow he will have more information on what he thinks is coming down the pike with this thing, he hasnt been far wrong yet..

Read the rest of the story here.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Pledge to be sent to Congress, by Glenn Beck..
This is just common sense!  Please either place it in your congress persons hands, email or snail mail and tell them that they if they do not do this they are OUT 2010.

1.  I believe in a balanced budget and therefore will vote for a freeze on government spending until that goal is realised.

2.  I believe that government should not increase the burden on its citezenry during difficult times,  therefore I will appose all tax increases until our economy has rebounded.

3. I believe that more than four decdes of dependentcy on foreign oil is a travesty, therefore I will support an energy plan that calls for immediately increasing usage of all domenstic resources including nuclear energy, natural gas, and coal as necessary.

4. I believe in the soveriegnty and security of our country and therefore will support measures to close our borders, accept for designated immigration points so we will know who is entering and why and I will vehemently appose any measure giving another country, The United Nations, or any other entity power over us citezens.

5.  I believe the United States Of America is the greatest country on earth and therefore will not appologise for policies or actions which have served to free more and feed more people around the world than any other nations on the planet.

Friday, August 21, 2009


News from the home front:
Daughter number one is settled into her new job, loving it. First paycheck over 200.00 for one week.

Retirement next year!
And we have found a nice parcel of land with water access on Lake Martin, Dadesville Alabama.
Not my idea of a metropolis, but its rural, nice neighborhood, and very cheap! $69 thousand for the land which is an acre and a half, a HUGE garage for him to put his tools and toys in, and a three bed two bath modular, which is a temp home because we are going to build.
He is in the process of being approved for the mortgage. We already have eight acres up in the hills by Camp Hill, which we are going to turn into hunting lodge and rent out.  It is overrun with wild turkey, deer and has a running stream through it.  He had the idea of building a sort of viking lodge type shelter where the kill could be cleaned, packaged and taken home. with a big open pit type cooking area for pig roasts, family get togethers on the off season and for the celebration of ths solstice'.

Health is good, hope you are all ok.
well done on all the people standing up and being heard! WAY TO GO!!

we will beat this yet.

The bird.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OBAMA gaffe: 'UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. It's the Post Office having problems"

Barry minus teleprompter.. checks brain at door.

Tiananmen Square Massacre

Dont let it become a lost cause, speak the truth, loudly! Stand shoulder to shoulder in peaceful Protest. These people did, they stood up for what they believed in.. Democracy.

The bird.


go here to find out where the meetings are, tea partys, demonstrations, and town halls in your area..
big one coming up in WA DC september 11th

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trust Common Sense!

Please go HERE to sign a petition to say NO MORE SPENDING!

Approved by Glenn Beck.

love you all, chin up!

The bird

Friday, August 7, 2009

Im listening to the Howie Carr Show On The Radio...

someone just turned in Dick Durbin for doing something fishy on the White House website set up for wood be stool pidgeons who would turn on anyone, even their Grandma perhaps. I think we can have some fun with this.

Perhaps we should turn in Ms Pelosi for just for accusing we the people of being Nazi's because we happen to disagree with the Messiah.

so, it starts Ladies And Gentlemen.
I am all for peaceful protest, no one wants riots or bloodshed.

Dems sneak in Union Thugs to Town Hall Meeting read here.

I hear Glenn Beck, Bill Oreilly, saying "be peaceful but forceful!" now it looks like to me, we are going to have to protect ourselves from the SEIU union goons aka Acorn at these meetings. This poor guy had the crap beat out of him apparently.

Muse - The Uprising

Song of the times?
lyrics rang true with me..
Muse.. good band.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Isle of Man Tourist Trophy 2009 (Highlights)

love the sound more from the ass up head down brigade of the currently begging to get to next years.

Isle of Man TT Promo

Mad Skillz... my idea of a good time!


this from Glenn Beck's News letter..

If anyone hasnt joined Glenn Becks News letter, its Free, its informative. Please Go Here

This picture says it all.. guess who is helping the infirm and cane using Professor who is supposedly Mr Obama's close friend and all, down the steps? Yes.. its the very same cop that was accused of being all those nasty things.. says it all, doesnt it? Very Classy Officer, very classy. Even when Obama is trying to do something nice for the cameras, his arrogances just shines through..