Sunday, May 22, 2011

A perplexing moment..

So, this morning, not much going on in town I go down to the local CVS to get some essential beauty items.  Im the only one in there other than the clerk who is stocking shelves and one other dude who I hear wandering around an aisle over, next thing I know he appears in my aisle and invades my space, wanting to know in what my name is. I tell him to piss of im not telling him and go off to find the clerk.. I complained and by the time the clerk had put his stock down the dude had left. The clerk appologized but it made me realise just how bad that could have been. I am now investing in some kind of mace. Any ideas what sort? because I would have maced his sorry arse right there and then.


I realized today, how long it had been since I posted anything, forgot the password even.
Things are good here in sunny FL, both working good jobs, thank the lord. No dog now, but three cats!

Kids are great! Both in IL with their Dad and doing well.

How are you all???

x The Bird.