Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yes, I am BAAACK!

Riots in Europe, nothing in the USA, at least, no pictures posted, anywhere. Contrived? or am I just looking in the wrong place. I searched the whole web. Funny how you can find pictures of David Carradine trussed up like Sundays Roast, but no pictures of unrest in the USA.
Saucey as ever and madder than a wet hen, then so many people ARE really mad at the moment about a whole lot of different things! Same in the UK. The serfs have had enough in my old home land and they have begun to take action:
and I quote:

"London - A leading British thinktank Friday warned of the 'grave threat' of social unrest in response to the global recession over the next two years.
The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), in a paper published Friday, rated the risk of upheaval that could 'disrupt economies and topple governments' as 'high or very high' in 95 countries.
'Popular anger around the world is growing as a result of rising unemployment, pay cuts and freezes, bail-outs for banks, and falls in house prices and the value of savings and pension funds,' said the EIU paper, entitled Manning the Barricades.
'As people lose confidence in the ability of governments to restore stability, protests look increasingly likely.'
A spate of incidents in recent months had shown that the global economic downturn was having political repercussions.
'This is being seen as a harbinger of worse to come. There is growing concern about a possible global pandemic of unrest,' said the paper.
Top of the list of high-risk countries were Zimbabwe, Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cambodia and Sudan.
However, three of the European Union's neighbours - Ukraine, Moldova and Bosnia-Hercegovina - were rated as being at 'very high risk' of social upheaval.
The paper pointed out that two European governments - in Iceland
and in Latvia - had already fallen as a result of crisis.
In Europe, Britain was 'not immune' from the danger of serious social unrest and 'more likely' to suffer from it than Germany and the Netherlands, but 'less likely' than France and the US.
A lot depended on how US President Barack Obama responded to pressure to 'defend American jobs and companies against foreign imports,' said the paper.
'As the downturn worsens, far more intense and long-lasting events can be expected, such as armed rebellions, military coups, civil conflicts and perhaps even wars between states,' it said. Read more:"

the above is from from end quote.

While these people are thinking in their tanks it might be a good idea to do some real brain- storming on how individuals are going to protect themselves in the even of catastrophic failures or mass violent demonstrations, or even someone coming to steal your food and water. I try not to be an alarmist but I am seeing more apathy in the US than ever at the moment and the only voices I am hearing is from the presidentially run media's other than FOX News network. Nothing is reaching me concerning a growing amount of people in the USA getting pissed and making their voices heard, am I wrong? Please post if I am, and let everyone know what is going on in your neighborhoods and cities.

Am I missing the unrest? Or has the Great Bear not been poked fully awake yet? Will it take a nuclear weapon aimed at the US? We have several contestants for the first buttwad to press the button. North Korea, Iraq, or a Taliban run Pakistan.

So my questions are, gentle readers, when is enough, enough? Do you see signs of unrest and people wanting to take back their country?

Whos going to press the button, first?

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