Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fred.. how very intriguing...

Who is Fred I hear you ask? This young man my daughter has been friends with at school who has since graduated from Salem Highschool is over helping her.. study. Yes, text books are out, they are studying an "Ology" and not biology as I told her I will be knocking on the door and opening it periodically and sticking my smiling face around it.

"Oh Mum!" she said, "Don't act like Dad did, please??!"

My reply was:

"I am your parent and I will act as I see fit, young lady, it is my job to ask questions and be annoying sometimes."

Her eyes rolled heavenward. "Tough tittie!" I said

"We are not "Hanging Out" we are studying", she says.
I reminded her that armed with todays research, if "Hanging Out" means letting it ALL hang out, there will be:
Ass Kickings.

Fred looks like a young and pre-aids ridden Freddie Mercury and is straight as an arrow. Pretty cool. So far he has not given me cause to start cleaning the assorted weaponry.

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