Thursday, June 18, 2009

What is wrong with people these days?

More to the point, what is wrong with teenage boys?

My Daughter is gorgeous, and I am not just saying that because I am her Mother. Shes bright, great personality and I would think could have her pick of guys. Every single boy she has taken a shine too, has dumped her as soon as it was apparent she was not going to.. how can I delicately put this..PUT OUT. Is there any such thing as just being friends with guys without all the pressure to go to bed with them? I just want to bounce these guys heads off the hood of my car personally, but then I would figure as a parent, this reaction is not un-common.

So, I did a bit of research with regards to what is called, Hanging out. Used to be called, asking a girl out on a date beccause you liked her. I came up with these pearls of wisdom.

"These days when people say "I'm dating so-and-so," this is usually a euphemism for "I'm f*** so-and-so."

OK, I can go for that. Dating usually can get serious and end up with the horizontal mamba.

"What does the term 'hanging out' mean to you? It use to mean we go the movies or bar together, talk about our woes when it comes to dating and strictly platonic."

Yeah, thats what I thought it meant! So did my Daughter.- Bird.

"This is what I've observed lately ....When a guy says 'hanging out' he simply wants to bang you but doesnt want to date you nor does he want to be seen as a liar so he says we're just hanging out. Then he decides he's 'confused' and not sure if he wants a girlfriend or just be alone. But not so alone he can't get laid. If you're not in the market for a girlfriend, why pursue a girl as if you're really interested? Isn't that lying?

Sorry, anyone I perceive as wanting to "bang" my Daughter if she agrees to "Hang out" is getting very short on life force. - Bird.

"Guys just want to get laid. Sure they'll "hang out" with you if it gets them closer to that goal. It's kind of an insult. If he's just "hanging out" with you, then he's probably looking to "date" someone else and keeping his options open. A guy who can't even commit to a date isn't serious."

So.. Teenage dating equals meat market?- A very confused Bird.

Which brings me to HOOKING UP.

I know what that means.

If she wants to hang out, this is good, hooking up.. not so good but I know she will be safe if she cannot be abstinate.

What happened to just plain old asking a girl out on a date then maybe if its still going on, you are going steady, then you go to bed with that person because you are attracted to them. What happened to GOING STEADY?

Then I find this from a young guys POV:

"I got this one:When you someone asks you, 'Hey, lets um...let's hang out sometime." Yes. There is interest in the dudes part.To what extend one may ask herself. Does he want to be friends? Does he want to be my potential boyfriend? Does he want to simply peel of my pants and ravish my body for one glorious evening?Answer is it could be ANY of the above and you will not know until you....well um: Hang out.That is why you hang out. You want to want to find out where exactly is this boy taking the interaction. And Obviously if you choose to hang out with him, there is interest on your part as well. To what extent? Maybe you want to be his friend. Maybe you want to be his potential Girlfriend. Maybe you want to simply peel off his pants and ravish his body for one glorious evening. The whole idea here is to SEE if you desires matches his desires. As soon as you realize that its not matching pull the plug. That's it. You decide. That's what's great about being a GIRL. The boy pursues. The boy leads the interaction. And as the girl you simply go along with the ride and jump off when you realize that the boy is leading things where you dont want to go.If your interest is to be a friend. then ignore and brush off his advances and don't make any advances yourself. Eventually the boy will get a clue. If not, and the boy happens to be thick headed, give him the 'I like you as a friend' card. (Yes, which all guys dread. But its not your fault if homeboy is thick headed.) Maybe he doesnt make any advances, well...then its obvious he wants you as a friend. If your interest is to be his potential girlfriend, except his advances and show interest yourself. Then see where he takes it. And becareful of screwing him too early. make the boy invest more time. If he does, its clear that he like you more than just a fuck. I dont think any boy will invest all that time in you just because of a fuck. its mostly likely because he likes you.Sleep with him the first day if you want too. Sex is a beautiful and normal thing. It's not 'BAD.' But yes, there are liars and manipulators that miscommunicate to you just so he can get a fuck. Just weed them out by seeing how much they are willing to invest. (And I mean TIME, not MONEY for godsakes!!!!)If you want to simply ravish his body for one glorious night: well...that a no brainer. Go wild."

Thank God she is on the pill.. yes I want her to abstain, but lets be honest. She is 17 and the hormones are raging so I decided I wanted her to be safe if she is going to have consensual sex. I also figured if "Hanging out" gets out of hand, and leads to letting it all hang out, I want her to be safe, then I will go and try to cut the guys nuts off-Bird.

When did it ever get so bloody complicated??
Hanging out can lead to:
Goofing Off.
which leads to:
Not Buckling Down.
Not Shaping Up.
Or other more intense activities such as:
Screwing Around
Hooking Up.
Parents, beware...


Anonymous said...

The big problem is people do not respect themselves. So they can not respect others. I am old school. Before I got married I could just hang out and be friends without anything else. I am not saying things did not happen. But I could then and now just hang out.

The British Bird. said...

Me too. Dont like this change either. Nowadays, getting knocked up isnt the only scare.