Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why Government Health Care Does Not Work!

Here is the article in full.

On a personal note, when my Mother was 53 years old I got THE call in the middle of the night from my Father to say that he didnt think my Mother was going to make it. She was in the hospital having suffered a heart attack. I got on the next plane home to England and my Father drove me straight to the hospital to see her. I was a basket case but pulled myself sufficiently together to go in there. Dad said they had made her stable as they could.

We walked into the ward where she was to find her packing her little bag. She had been told that the bed was needed for someone else who was more serious and that she should go home and rest. May I remind you that she had just had a heart attack... Despite the stress tests, EKG's and so forth all pointing to her needed bypass, they sent her home.

I was so jet lagged anyway and wide awake with worry, I shoved her and dads single beds together, dad slept on the sofa fully clothed in case we had to call an ambulance again, and just held her hand because she told me she was too afraid to go to sleep in case she never woke up. During that time I appologised for everything even if it wasnt my fault and we bonded after being apart for such a long time.

After a few weeks it became apparent she needed the bypass her heart was blocked and she was getting angina pains, so we had her Doctor pull a few strings to get her back in. The operation was a success, she is still alive an in her late sixties now.

More and more you hear other stories of people with cancer dying when they could have been saved with private medicine. Do you want to have to beg your Doctor to pull a few strings for you?

Everything the Government gets involved in gets screwed up! Yes the Government likes to spend money but I bet it will be as tight as assholes with spending money on this. Some little pencil necked beaurocrat who isnt even and MD makign decisions on perhaps you or your loved ones life and death situation. I dont know about you, but I dont want that.

Some bright spark said, "What about all the people that have lost their jobs and there insurance?" Cobra? How about going down to the public aid office to see if you qualify for a card?

This problem does need to be addressed but not by dismanting the private insurance all together.


USA_Admiral said...

I have this sinking feeling it will get terrible before that lout gets out of the white house.

BTW I like the new site!

Anonymous said...

God help us!

Keith said...

Great post... I hope people are thinking about this, cause our current polititions can't wait!