Friday, August 21, 2009


News from the home front:
Daughter number one is settled into her new job, loving it. First paycheck over 200.00 for one week.

Retirement next year!
And we have found a nice parcel of land with water access on Lake Martin, Dadesville Alabama.
Not my idea of a metropolis, but its rural, nice neighborhood, and very cheap! $69 thousand for the land which is an acre and a half, a HUGE garage for him to put his tools and toys in, and a three bed two bath modular, which is a temp home because we are going to build.
He is in the process of being approved for the mortgage. We already have eight acres up in the hills by Camp Hill, which we are going to turn into hunting lodge and rent out.  It is overrun with wild turkey, deer and has a running stream through it.  He had the idea of building a sort of viking lodge type shelter where the kill could be cleaned, packaged and taken home. with a big open pit type cooking area for pig roasts, family get togethers on the off season and for the celebration of ths solstice'.

Health is good, hope you are all ok.
well done on all the people standing up and being heard! WAY TO GO!!

we will beat this yet.

The bird.

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Good Luck on your move.