Friday, August 7, 2009

Im listening to the Howie Carr Show On The Radio...

someone just turned in Dick Durbin for doing something fishy on the White House website set up for wood be stool pidgeons who would turn on anyone, even their Grandma perhaps. I think we can have some fun with this.

Perhaps we should turn in Ms Pelosi for just for accusing we the people of being Nazi's because we happen to disagree with the Messiah.

so, it starts Ladies And Gentlemen.
I am all for peaceful protest, no one wants riots or bloodshed.

Dems sneak in Union Thugs to Town Hall Meeting read here.

I hear Glenn Beck, Bill Oreilly, saying "be peaceful but forceful!" now it looks like to me, we are going to have to protect ourselves from the SEIU union goons aka Acorn at these meetings. This poor guy had the crap beat out of him apparently.


Anonymous said...

I live in the land of union thugs.Indiana

USA_Admiral said...

It is going to take forceful, yet peaceful to work.

The British Bird. said...

im going to talk to my friends and see if they want to go to Washington DC sept 11th .. there is going to be a big big rally. I hope it stays peacefull. I must admit I was hoping for something closer to home, glad I didnt go to the NH debaucle probably wouldnt have got it but if I did, would have guffawed over BO's gaff and got thrown out anyway.

The British Bird. said...

BO..stinks, get it? hahah!