Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Here we come!  We will move down for good in August of next year and so until then, we will be making periodic visits to prepair for the move and put odds and sods in the house.

I know USA-Admiral comes from down there, we will be living in Perry.
Perry I have found out is a rather depressed town in that it does not have a lot of big industry. It is still a small town with that small town feel and I hear there can be a rather aweful smell from a paper mill at times, I hope thats not too bad. I dont know if its still in operation even. We didnt want big city life, we wanted it fairly quiet, so its smallness didnt matter.

So, what do I need to watch out for other than Crocodiles by the waterways and bugs of all descriptions in all other places. I dont like creepy crawlies so im a little nervous!

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USA_Admiral said...

I have been so busy with home schooling I have been neglecting reading my blog buddies.

Perry is about 100 miles west and a little south of Jacksonville. It is in a pretty part of the state too. It will be great to have a top notch blogger down here that is fiery an speaks her mind!

Snakes, scorpions, fire ants, mosquitoes, rednecks and mostly moonbats.